Three Guys

Today the sun is shining, birds are singing, butterflies are swishing their delicate wings, the forklifts in our shop are spitting out fumes and beeping as they drive by my office window. The Covid-19 is still thriving and spreading like wildfire creating havoc…… I’m electing to be positive and energetic today. Instead of five guysContinue reading “Three Guys”

Come At Me Bruh

It was 1999 and my confidante in the office wasn’t herself. She was on edge and I could tell she had been crying. As she handed me the file I had requested, her hand shook. I made eye contact and gave her our signal to go to our favorite private spot away from the guysContinue reading “Come At Me Bruh”

Why Are They Talking To Me?

Men at work…. No, NOT the amazing band. I’m talking about the five men I share an office with. Granted, it’s a large room. But they’re still trying to talk to me. If you’ve read my previous post….. you know that these men annoy, disrupt and badger the fuck out of me. Let meContinue reading “Why Are They Talking To Me?”

Nice To Meet Ya

I’m a firm believer in supporting other women in the material handling / industrial equipment business. I feel that here in the south, it’s a male dominated business. It’s not that I have an issue with the unlimited amount of testosterone and masculinity…It’s actually when particular males have the combination of massive ego’s sprinkled withContinue reading “Nice To Meet Ya”