Sixth Sense

As I tried on the fifth outfit that morning I had a suspicion she would see right through it. No matter what I wore, it wouldn’t be good enough. Nothing is good enough in her eyes. I settled on the jeans and a khaki lace top and straightened my hair. I applied the lipstick becauseContinue reading “Sixth Sense”

Southside Chronicles – Part II

If you missed Part I, Guests were sprinting from their cars with umbrellas in hand to the front doors of the church. Thunder rolling loudly as the windows rattling dominating the church bells ringing. Large dark eerie clouds were moving in slow motion in the sky. Joey tightened his tie admiringly in the makeContinue reading “Southside Chronicles – Part II”

Southside Chronicles Part I

This will be a series that I’ll attempt to post each week. Thanks in advance for stopping by and reading the series. He would’ve never gotten away with it today. Nope. Not in this era. But in the 60’s & 70’s things were rampant. It was 1969 and he had just been promoted to AssistantContinue reading “Southside Chronicles Part I”


No matter our race, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc. we’re all human and I think we have moments where we see what we’re NOT. We can’t see who we really are and APPRECIATE ourselves for the stains, weaknesses, failures, imperfections that block our fucking vision. Too often we think we’re not enough. Why can’t weContinue reading “Enough”