Five Guys

I’m irrifuckintated……

If you’re not familiar with my work environment from one of my previous posts, I share a small office which is the equivalent of a very small studio apartment with Five Guys. And just so you know, this is a selfish rant. I know what you’re thinking. It could be so much worse. I could be a nurse or a doctor in a hospital dealing with the COVID-19. I respect them so much for risking everything to help others. But I need to vent sometimes so humor me and thank you for reading?

Although we should be working from home the owner’s here are making us come into the office. With that being said, it’s extremely sloooooooow here. In my opinion this business is not essential. We’re not healthcare workers, a grocery business or a logistics/transportation/trucking business. Since it’s very slow here this leads to a lot of unnecessary verbal fuckery.

Exhibit A: The man babies bring their R/C trucks and cars to the office and have competitions. No, don’t mind me standing at the copier in my cute strappy open toed black heels as a stupid baby man car hits my foot. Needless to say I kicked the fuck out of that $300 piece of shit baby man car. If you’re unsure of what I’m referring to, here’s an image of what I’m talking about…

Exhibit B: A competition of who has the smelliest fart….No words. You can imagine how damn disgusting that is for me???

Exhibit C: Inventing things like an extra gas tank on the back of a motor cycle. Are you intrigued? I’m not. I know this could probably blow one of them up instantly….shaking my fucking head.

Exhibit D: Bickering constantly. Today’s argument is who would you rather? I’m sure you’re thinking This subject could be fun. I don’t think it’s a surprise that most people have that celebrity crush that if could be with that crush, you would right?

Nope, the Five Guys are using the Golden Girls to choose from. Sick fuckers.

So, that’s what I’m struggling with day to day here. I do love each of them. I just don’t like them sometimes.

Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to rant a little.


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The "About" me section is the first thing I look for when a blog catches my eye when scrolling through the discovery section of WP. Yet, it scares the living fuck out of me to have to sum up in detail this section of my very own blog. Why? Because whatever I write, you might be hooked or bored to tears. Actually, you're probably already bored to tears by now. So let me get to it then..... By the way, I used to have a blog called Fabulous With Glitches so some of this might sound familiar. Friends might describe me as the life of the party yet secretive. I tend to keep things inside that trouble me. I've been self-reliant all of my life and I don't like to show weakness or that something worries me. Holding back has led me to seek refuge here. I can write out my thoughts and feelings so that it frees up my mind. It seems like my mind is open 24/7 like a gas station and just never turns off the open sign. I grew up in the south and come from the typical opinionated southern christian parents. Well, they're very involved now in church. Growing up, my parents weren't necessarily "present" in my life. They were around and did the best they could I suppose. I'm grateful for everything they have contributed in my life. I know that it could've been much worse. As they say, I wouldn't be who I am if I didn't grow up the way that I did. Gritty is a good word to describe me as well. I've had to speak up and defend myself throughout my life. I'm confident and a bit headstrong. I have two cats and I adore them needless to say. Their names are Franklin and Farrah. Yes, I consider myself a crazy cat lady, what's it to ya? You will see pictures of them throughout my blog I'm sure :) Welcome and thank you so much for stopping by and peaking into my safe place full of random thoughts. XO

13 thoughts on “Five Guys

  1. I honestly don’t know how you can have any good feelings toward them at all. It sounds like a nightmare. And you’re right… if you’re company is ‘non-essential’, you shouldn’t even be there!


  2. This sounds like a need for petty revenge. There have got to be some things that you can annoy the hell out of them with. The smelly farts? Nothing the consumption of hard-boiled eggs, broccoli and some beer can’t cure. Besides, woman are supposedly biologically capable of generating more hydrogen sulfide than men. With some eggs, the hydrogen sulfide level goes through the roof. That means you should be able to more than easily beat them at their own game. Crop dust and admit nothing.
    Take that annoyance and make it productive with some vengeance. It sounds like you know these guys, which means you know what gets to them. Use that knowledge. Be creative.
    As far as the still working thing goes, it’s not a bad thing. While I can’t deny that a nice “vacation” might be nice on some levels, being the employee of an essential business has kept me occupied and paid – two blessing, me thinks.
    Anyway, good luck on your hunt for vindication, and don’t sweat the venting. We all need to do it no matter how petty it might seem to others.


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