Why Are They Talking To Me?

Men at work…. No, NOT the amazing band.

I’m talking about the five men I share an office with. Granted, it’s a large room. But they’re still trying to talk to me. If you’ve read my previous post….. https://lennonliberated.com/2020/02/14/incomplete/ you know that these men annoy, disrupt and badger the fuck out of me.

Let me introduce you to them. Keep in mind these names are fictional as I can’t afford to share their identity for obvious reasons….

Doug / Characterization: Pasty white, irish, geeky, weed smoker, thinks he can sing yet a brilliant mind that knows numbers. Obsessed with roosters and chickens. Brings baby chicks to work in a box with a heat lamp, food and water and sells them from his desk to co-workers often. Paces with a baby chick in his arms while crunching loudly on whatever he can put in his mouth and doesn’t wash his hands.

Jazzy / Characterization: A husky ginger that lives for sports, soda, junk food, has OCD issues, thinks he knows everything, I mean ERRR-THANG. Noses around everyone’s desks and then tells us how to organize our desks although his desk looks like a hoarder’s haven.

Heart / Characterization: Short, muscular, Ex-Marine, drives giant truck, constantly reminds us all that he makes the big bucks, can’t understand basic math. Ego the size of Alaska.

Reptile / Characterization: Ex-Cop, parks sideways because he still likes to show authority, flashes the old badge every now and then assuming he has jurisdiction in the office. Cannot hear well. Shuffles around mumbling to himself like Ozzy Osbourne.

SS / Characterization: Has only been here two weeks and is besties with Doug. He is the clone of said Doug. Very opinionated, talks nonstop, constantly judging our selection of music. Wiseass.

So there you have it. It’s A LOT isn’t it?

Now it wouldn’t be fair for me to go over what aggravates me about them without telling you about my imperfect characterizations now would it?

  • Quiet
  • Resting bitch face
  • Sarcastic
  • Looks to be dead inside
  • One day a week forces everyone to listen to Taylor Swift or Billie Eilish for 7 hours
  • When I’m not quiet talks about cats

Much obliged for anyone getting through this rant by the way. XO

Published by lennonliberated

The "About" me section is the first thing I look for when a blog catches my eye when scrolling through the discovery section of WP. Yet, it scares the living fuck out of me to have to sum up in detail this section of my very own blog. Why? Because whatever I write, you might be hooked or bored to tears. Actually, you're probably already bored to tears by now. So let me get to it then..... By the way, I used to have a blog called Fabulous With Glitches so some of this might sound familiar. Friends might describe me as the life of the party yet secretive. I tend to keep things inside that trouble me. I've been self-reliant all of my life and I don't like to show weakness or that something worries me. Holding back has led me to seek refuge here. I can write out my thoughts and feelings so that it frees up my mind. It seems like my mind is open 24/7 like a gas station and just never turns off the open sign. I grew up in the south and come from the typical opinionated southern christian parents. Well, they're very involved now in church. Growing up, my parents weren't necessarily "present" in my life. They were around and did the best they could I suppose. I'm grateful for everything they have contributed in my life. I know that it could've been much worse. As they say, I wouldn't be who I am if I didn't grow up the way that I did. Gritty is a good word to describe me as well. I've had to speak up and defend myself throughout my life. I'm confident and a bit headstrong. I have two cats and I adore them needless to say. Their names are Franklin and Farrah. Yes, I consider myself a crazy cat lady, what's it to ya? You will see pictures of them throughout my blog I'm sure :) Welcome and thank you so much for stopping by and peaking into my safe place full of random thoughts. XO

4 thoughts on “Why Are They Talking To Me?

  1. I don’t think I could stand it. I would probably pull some manipulative emotional shit like start crying so they get freaked out and leave me the hell alone. Maybe you should just tell them to give you peace because it’s your time of the month. That shuts up most men.


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